Monthly Archives: January 2014

Found a Beat Maker Online

I love hip hop as well as many other types of music. I found a beat maker online that makes it even better for me to enjoy. I can do my own editing of the music. The artists know what they’re doing of course. That’s why they’re making the big bucks and I’m still getting by paycheck to paycheck in my little apartment here in New York.

If you’re creative musically, I recommend trying to do your own thing. I love it and I’m sure that you will too. If you’ve never tried any kind of editing of your music, you can find a beat maker online that will open up your mind and your imagination. Have you ever listened to a song and even though it may sound great, you might have an idea that maybe it should be a little different here and there? Well, now you can hear what it sounds like to have your changes done to it.

It’s not nearly as difficult to do as you might think at first. Once you get used to it, you may consider a change in careers. Wouldn’t that be cool? That may be going a bit far, but you never know. Maybe there’s a real talent inside you just waiting to get out. I’m hoping for things to open up for me a bit more than they ever have but, trust me, I’m keeping my day job.

I found out that I can edit all kinds of music besides rap and hip hop. It’s actually kind of funny with some of the tunes you come up with that actually sound pretty awesome. They may not become anything more than tunes for you to enjoy with your friends but it sure is fun. Give it a try. You’ll be happy that you did.