Monthly Archives: March 2015

Just Got Back from New Delhi

I have just gotten back from the Indian subcontinent. It is an interesting place, but of course it is very difficult to get around and the situation is very different from what an American from the South is used to. The biggest city we have is the size of the neighborhoods of New Delhi I suppose. Of course you can not listen to the latest hindi songs very easily in Summerfield, but you can get around there in no time at all relatively speaking because there are hardly any people. In New Delhi you literally have to worry about getting caught up in stampede. (more…)

They Make It Easier to Pick

There is tons of music out there that you can listen to, so much in fact that it often times becomes quite hard to pick something to listen to. I know that it sort of sounds like the opposite of a problem, but it can be really frustrating to sit there and try to think about what music you want to listen to. I mean it should not be that hard for a person to have a favorite song, but it is so you need a place that has it all. Badlapur is most likely that place. I know that they have a ton of music to choose from and in the case of me, they really are my one stop shop for all things music related. I hope that they have everything that you want them to have when you check them out but even if they don’t they really do have a lot of stuff and you might find something new that you had never thought of listening to before.

I know that we all say we have a favorite genre, but the truth is there is no way we could know all of the options out there available to us. There are thousands and thousands of different bands out there producing anywhere from 1 to 20 different songs each year so the amount of songs available to us just keeps going up and up. Old songs never just dissapear either, so it’s just growing and growing with no way to shrink down at all. That’s pretty awesome in my opinion, but some people don’t really like that and wish that there were a lot less options for them so that they could finally just sit down and choose a song. That’s not likely to happen, but use this site and it will be easier to pick.