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I Am Getting Serious About Learning the Piano

I am getting serious about learning the piano and after about ten years of classes I am sort of making a little money from. I have a classical music dictionary that I know almost by heart, but right now I am playing the electric piano in this band which plays parties and weddings and things like that. I had never played an electric piano before and I had never performed any of the songs they wanted me to play, but they were desperate and they took a chance. The other guy had stormed out over some sort of dispute. (more…)

Are You a Good Piano Teacher?

Attention to all piano or music teachers out there! This post is definitely for you; it aims to provide you with lots of practical and useful tips on effective piano teaching. Read on and see what it takes to be a motivated piano teacher who can truly inspire his or her students to learn classical piano pieces. It has been said that a good learning environment and a group of participative, attentive and enthusiast students of music certainly begin with a highly motivated piano teacher. Your level of motivation greatly affects your students’ levels of interest and enthusiasm. Remember that learning takes two to tango. It has to be a mutual process and since your students look up to you, you need to always be at your best – organized, focused, dedicated and motivated. (more…)

A Musical Instrument is Great for a Child

There are many benefits in learning to play a musical instrument for anyone of any age. I myself learned the value of patience and focus thanks to the numerous piano competition s I enrolled in. The benefits for young children who start learning a musical instrument from a young age are also apparent. With such a wide choice of musical instruments available, it might seem difficult in choosing the correct musical instrument for your child to learn. Remember, there will be other factors to consider including the initial cost of the instrument, any up keep and maintenance costs, not forgetting ensuring that the musical instrument remains attractive to learn as it did when it was first being considered. Furthermore, factors such as the size of the instrument through to the volume that it creates can also play a major role in determining what instrument is going to be the most appropriate to learn. Whichever musical instrument in eventually chosen, the chances are that it will provide hours, and years of enjoyment to the person learning it.

Age is also a big factor in considering the type of musical instrument to start learning. For example, young children aren’t going to be able to control an instrument as well as adults. (more…)

Looking to Expand My Repertoire

I have been playing the piano since I was an 8 year old child. My Mom and Dad both taught me different things. In fact my Mom really loves Jazz and my Dad is a veteran of a traveling road house band. He would play old Rhythm and Blues, Boogie Woogie and the sort of thing you would like if you were some place other than sober. I am looking to expand my repertoire upon the piano and keyboards right now. I am 19 and a half years old and I have been checking out piano sites looking for the best selection of material to suit my style. I am sort of curious as to whether or not I can cut it as a pro. (more…)