I Am Getting Serious About Learning the Piano

I am getting serious about learning the piano and after about ten years of classes I am sort of making a little money from. I have a classical music dictionary that I know almost by heart, but right now I am playing the electric piano in this band which plays parties and weddings and things like that. I had never played an electric piano before and I had never performed any of the songs they wanted me to play, but they were desperate and they took a chance. The other guy had stormed out over some sort of dispute. I guess I could say that it was not a total disaster, but the truth is that there was a great deal of alcohol served at this wedding and a lot of these people would not have known the difference between the best band in the world and the worst one. I mean about a third of these people were pretty much wasted, which is going to happen when you give away free beer and liquor. The drummer pinched three cases of beer and hid them wi

th his kit.I rehearsed with them, focusing on what they had been asked to play at the next wedding reception and that made the next job go a lot smoother. We actually sounded quite good the third time and the fourth one is coming up in three days. I am not really sure that it is enough though. We simply do not have enough weddings booked. Of course most weddings are on a Saturday and there is going to be a lot of trouble getting more than one in. Of course they say that some times you can find two weddings at the same venue on the same day. Of course if you can book both it is a bonus as you set up once and get paid twice.