I Need Some Music for the Cloud

I have started to fix my problem with not having enough music to get me through my work day. Of course the boss is not really all that interested in this sort of problem and they are blocking sites like Pandora which I would probably use if I had the choice. I have been using this site called mp3 skull to help convert music from Youtube and then I put it on my dropbox. I have this app called cloud player which is really great for the purpose that I have in this matter. The only problem with it is that it limits the number of different cloud services that you can use to this end. I have been checking around and there are a lot of different cloud providers, all of which allow you to give a certain amount of free space, a few gigabytes in general. Of course I need to have a lot of space to carry enough music for every day of the week.

It is hard enough just for a single day, that is going to be eight hours long. I am only going to be listening to music about two thirds of that length of time. However that is still going to be a whole lot of music and the next day I am not going to want to hear all of the exact same songs. That simply would be monotonous. I figure that you need at least thirty or forty hours of music, which would be about sixty albums if you assumed all of them could be listened to all of the way through. Not all albums are remotely close to that standard. For example you can listen to Exile on Main Street all the way through and be totally pleased, but other albums have one good song on them.