Indian Songs for My Wedding

I was born in America to parents who were both born here as well. All four of my grandparents were born in India though, so I had a mixed heritage growing up. I am very much an American, but I do love some of the Indian traditions that all of my grandparents have taught me. When I became engaged to my best friend, I knew that we were going to have a mix of American and Indian customs at our wedding. I went to to start looking at the different kinds of songs that we could download for our very special day.

I like going to this site on a regular basis anyway because I just love all the different kinds of music that they have there. My grandmother on my mom’s side loves watching Bollywood films, and she has sparked the same interest in me. Some of the songs are so gorgeous, and that is how I found in the first place. I was looking for one that we had heard on one of the newer releases we had seen on DVD, and this site was where I found it.

I noticed a while ago that they have wedding songs on there too, but I had no reason to look at that part of the site before I actually became engaged. I showed my maternal grandmother the site, and she helped me pick out the right songs from there. We were able to download them, and I gave the CD to the person who is going to DJ our wedding for us. There will be plenty of American hits there, but I want there to be the traditional as well as modern Indian songs too since a lot of my family will be there celebrating my special day with me.