Just Got Back from New Delhi

I have just gotten back from the Indian subcontinent. It is an interesting place, but of course it is very difficult to get around and the situation is very different from what an American from the South is used to. The biggest city we have is the size of the neighborhoods of New Delhi I suppose. Of course you can not listen to the latest hindi songs very easily in Summerfield, but you can get around there in no time at all relatively speaking because there are hardly any people. In New Delhi you literally have to worry about getting caught up in stampede. At one point I literally was afraid for my life because I realized that I had walked in to a train station at the wrong point in time. There were crowds every place you turned and then more people arrived on a train. It got scary because the people who wanted to get on the train knew that all of them could not fit on it.

So in essence you have about half as many more people than the train will hold and they are all trying to beat the other people on the train. So they start pushing one another and there is a great deal of screaming and for someone who is not used to this sort of thing it is more than a little bit scary. You have to think about the best way to navigate your way to safety. Obviously I got out of there, but for a little while I was legitimately afraid I might not. I was really quite worried about what to do before I realized that there was plenty of room on the train that I wanted to get on. The panic had been for people going some place else.