They Make It Easier to Pick

There is tons of music out there that you can listen to, so much in fact that it often times becomes quite hard to pick something to listen to. I know that it sort of sounds like the opposite of a problem, but it can be really frustrating to sit there and try to think about what music you want to listen to. I mean it should not be that hard for a person to have a favorite song, but it is so you need a place that has it all. Badlapur is most likely that place. I know that they have a ton of music to choose from and in the case of me, they really are my one stop shop for all things music related. I hope that they have everything that you want them to have when you check them out but even if they don’t they really do have a lot of stuff and you might find something new that you had never thought of listening to before.

I know that we all say we have a favorite genre, but the truth is there is no way we could know all of the options out there available to us. There are thousands and thousands of different bands out there producing anywhere from 1 to 20 different songs each year so the amount of songs available to us just keeps going up and up. Old songs never just dissapear either, so it’s just growing and growing with no way to shrink down at all. That’s pretty awesome in my opinion, but some people don’t really like that and wish that there were a lot less options for them so that they could finally just sit down and choose a song. That’s not likely to happen, but use this site and it will be easier to pick.

The Arrogance of a Musician

After deciding to buy Soundcloud plays from a service that I found on the web, I came to the realization that marketing my music is going to be much more of a complicated challenge than I suspected it to be. Clearly I was naive to think that all I had to do would be to upload some of my recent tracks onto the social music platform so I could start enjoying my instant success. Sometimes I get ahead of myself. Sometimes I’m blinded by my own arrogance. It’d be nice if this were something I could actually blame on my parents for passing on to me but this is something all of my own. (more…)

Sharing the Music That I Create

When I first began to use Soundcloud, I was incredibly bummed out that nobody was listening to my music. I started pushing it out on social media but even then it wasn’t exactly enough for me to feel like I was gaining any success through it. So I thought I would instead do something that a friend of mine suggested; buy Soundcloud plays. When he first told me about it I thought it sounded like a pretty shady thing to do. It really just seemed like a dishonest purchase but then I realized that he was thinking in marketing terms. (more…)

Found a Beat Maker Online

I love hip hop as well as many other types of music. I found a beat maker online that makes it even better for me to enjoy. I can do my own editing of the music. The artists know what they’re doing of course. That’s why they’re making the big bucks and I’m still getting by paycheck to paycheck in my little apartment here in New York.

If you’re creative musically, I recommend trying to do your own thing. I love it and I’m sure that you will too. If you’ve never tried any kind of editing of your music, you can find a beat maker online that will open up your mind and your imagination. Have you ever listened to a song and even though it may sound great, you might have an idea that maybe it should be a little different here and there? Well, now you can hear what it sounds like to have your changes done to it.

It’s not nearly as difficult to do as you might think at first. Once you get used to it, you may consider a change in careers. Wouldn’t that be cool? That may be going a bit far, but you never know. Maybe there’s a real talent inside you just waiting to get out. I’m hoping for things to open up for me a bit more than they ever have but, trust me, I’m keeping my day job.

I found out that I can edit all kinds of music besides rap and hip hop. It’s actually kind of funny with some of the tunes you come up with that actually sound pretty awesome. They may not become anything more than tunes for you to enjoy with your friends but it sure is fun. Give it a try. You’ll be happy that you did.

The Only Way to Listen to Music

Music. It touches the soul. It can make us weep, laugh, experience emotional connections to lyrics and make us look at the world and people in a different light. Music is the universal language that can speak to each and every one of us. With the emergence of the Internet, new methods of listening and accessing music have risen and while not all of them were welcome with open arms, there are several services now that are widely accepted and easily accessible. Whether you’re looking for britney spears songs or Counting Crows, there is going to be a service that is right for you. Myself, I have discovered just how great Spotify is.

Just Got into a Band

I started playing the guitar when I was six, my Dad played it and he has about half a dozen of them. Of course he has a Martin acoustic six string, an Alvarez 12 string, a Fender Stratocaster, a Gibson Les Paul and this old National Steel Guitar. No one is allowed to touch that guitar actually, because it is pretty valuable and an antique. He used to play in a couple of bands and he really knows how to make a song sound just right. Of course he does not sing, but my mother does and she taught me to sing. That is the big reason I got the job with this band. The guy who leads the band is kind of hard to get on with to be honest, and I personally do not believe that he is quite as good as he seems to think that he is.


Toluna high quality surveys

Toluna is a huge website that provides online surveys and panel technology to many companies. tolunaa was founded by Mr. Frèdèric-Charles Petit in the year 2000. It has over 800 employees all over the world in different parts of the world like Germany, USA, Japan, China, Israel, France and so on. Toluna provides many services as follows:

  • Panel Portal Online Communities
  • Panel Portal Connect
  • Smart Select
  • Toluna Analytics
  • Toluna Quick Surveys
    • Members can create their personal profiles, launch polls and debates.
    • Follow other members.
    • Earn rewards, points and Gifties
    • Share content on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter

So toluna is essentially an opinion and polls site in which visitors can answer questions and win prices. The site gives users points for each survey they answer and the visitors can exchange accumulated points for rewards. These rewards may be any product or cash too. The site also offers visitors to create surveys of their own by registering on the site. Toluna also provides an opportunity to its visitors to enter a monthly prize draw where they can win grand prizes. It also provides the visitors an opportunity to launch their own poles on any topics and provide options for the visitors to choose from it. Toluna has also developed latest mobile apps to reach the finger tips of people so that they can get access to toluna in their leisure time and convenience.

Hence it can be said that Toluna is a great platform for sharing opinions, knowing new people , asking questions and creating opinions. Even though there are some issues like connectivity issues, uptime issues, sharing issues and customization issues, the site is still a great platform. If all these issues are removed the site can in the near future grow exponentially and become one of the biggest survey sites.

There is a Better Option for Beat Making Software

I have been rhyming for some time. I like to create artistic beats for a more classy audience. I have an expansive vocabulary so no profanity is needed in my rap. However, no matter what the rhyme is, you need the right beat. I remember checking out a link that told me to click here for dubturbo info. I had heard someone mention the beat software before, but I did not know much about it.

I had been using another professional software that was popular among both pros and amateurs. I had invested a lot of money in the software I had, so I was a bit concerned about needing to invest in something new.


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