Toluna high quality surveys

Toluna is a huge website that provides online surveys and panel technology to many companies. tolunaa was founded by Mr. Frèdèric-Charles Petit in the year 2000. It has over 800 employees all over the world in different parts of the world like Germany, USA, Japan, China, Israel, France and so on. Toluna provides many services as follows:

  • Panel Portal Online Communities
  • Panel Portal Connect
  • Smart Select
  • Toluna Analytics
  • Toluna Quick Surveys
    • Members can create their personal profiles, launch polls and debates.
    • Follow other members.
    • Earn rewards, points and Gifties
    • Share content on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter

So toluna is essentially an opinion and polls site in which visitors can answer questions and win prices. The site gives users points for each survey they answer and the visitors can exchange accumulated points for rewards. These rewards may be any product or cash too. The site also offers visitors to create surveys of their own by registering on the site. Toluna also provides an opportunity to its visitors to enter a monthly prize draw where they can win grand prizes. It also provides the visitors an opportunity to launch their own poles on any topics and provide options for the visitors to choose from it. Toluna has also developed latest mobile apps to reach the finger tips of people so that they can get access to toluna in their leisure time and convenience.

Hence it can be said that Toluna is a great platform for sharing opinions, knowing new people , asking questions and creating opinions. Even though there are some issues like connectivity issues, uptime issues, sharing issues and customization issues, the site is still a great platform. If all these issues are removed the site can in the near future grow exponentially and become one of the biggest survey sites.