Trying to Put a Band Together

I have been trying to form a band with some of my friends from school, but it is not really working out so well right now. We are lacking in the vocal area and it is really handcuffing us right now. Of course I could take some singing lessons and I would be pretty decent probably. I am already good enough to some harmonies with a better singer, but to this point we have not been able to find a good singer who is interested. We know this girl at school who is really quite good, but she does not have any interested in doing this. She seems convinced that all boys are childish and rotten, of course there is always someone who wants to be mean to you in high school. That is just the way that is.Of course in this case we just want to find a singer and we thought that she was the best one at school, so it makes very little sense. For now we just want to have fun and of course we would not mind it if we looked cool for the girls. You have to be good at what you are doing to do that, just being in a band is not going to help you unless you are able to perform well. So we are practicing almost every day after school. Walter’s uncle has a big metal building behind his house and he is letting us use it. So far we have not gotten any complaints, but it seems as though the building is in a good location for us. There is a good deal of road noise already, so the people there are used to having a certain level of noise. We are not exactly able to produce an earth shaking sound with our small amplifiers.